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Radio Shows Profile

Anchors: Dennis Sajo, Angeli Britanico and Jade Bigay
Airing: Sundays, 9-10am @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: June 25, 2017
EntrepRadio is the radio program that talks about entrepreneurship with a heart, from the heart. It talks about freelancing, social enterprises and startup businesses to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in every Filipino. EntrepRadio is a radio program produced under Youth Entrepreneurship Academy, the training program created by the VoiceMaster to help aspiring young entrepreneurs to start their own passion-driven business.

Wazzup Pilipinas
Wazzup Pilipinas
Anchors: Ross del Rosario, Ayla de Joya and Sarah Muyco
Airing: Sundays, 6-7am @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: May 14, 2017
One of the country’s most popular blogs, Wazzup Pilipinas, now hits the airwaves with Wazzup Pilipinas Radio. Rise and shine early on a Sunday as Pambansang Blogcaster Ross del Rosario, Founder of Wazzup Pilipinas, brings to you the latest in technology, food, entertainment and many more.

Call Center Radio
Call Center Radio
Anchors: M.A. Buendia, Tanya Cempron and Frank Rizo
Airing: Sundays, 7-8am @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: May 14, 2017
The first and only program on radio and cable TV that tackles issues and topics related to one of the biggest industries in the country, Business Process Outsourcing or BPO. From topics such as diversity in the workplace, common misconceptions about millennials to benefits and career paths in the industry, Call Center Radio is the place for BPO employees to learn, be inspired and be empowered.

The Author's Voice
The Author's Voice
Anchors: Sha Nacino and Bryson Bonsol
Airing: Sundays, 8-9am @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: May 14, 2017
Finally, those who write can now be heard too! Author’s Voice is the newest radio show that features veteran and budding Filipino authors who share their inspiring stories about publishing their own book. Sha Nacino, the main anchor, is not only an author, but also the creator of the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge.

TMC Radio
TMC Radio
Anchors: Vet Lauzon, Mike Acuna, Ann Quiogue, Microphone Club members
Airing: Sundays, 10am-12nn @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: May 14, 2017
This is the second generation of The Microphone Club Radio show, hosted by the members of the Microphone Club. This 2-hour show features guests and topics that educate and inspire every professional microphone user – hosts, broadcasters, voice artists and even public speakers.

Brigada Kabataan
Brigada Kabataan
Anchors: Kelvin Lomibao, Audry Vallejo, Richmon Manalo, Roy Roberto, AK Cruz
Airing: Sundays, 11am-12nn @ 104.7 Brigada News FM
First Episode: April 23, 2017
Voice of the Youth is now on FM radio! Brigada Kabataan is an hour-long program that aims to bring the classic bayanihan spirit among young people. The show speaks highlights the spirit of volunteerism and features advocacies that truly inform, inspire, involve and empower the Filipino Youth.

Aksyon Kabataan Asia
Aksyon Kabataan Asia
Anchors: Peter Breboneria, TJ Alfelor, Louie Joy Lique
Airing: Sundays, 11am-12nn @ Radyo Veritas Asia
First Episode: April 13, 2017
Aksyon Kabataan Asia (AKA) is a Filipino youth development program aired all over Asia by RADIO VERITAS ASIA (RVA), largest Christian/Catholic station in Asia. The program features guests, topics and segments that inform, inspire, involve and empower the Christian Filipino youth.

Voice of the Youth Radio
Voice Of The Youth Radio
Anchors: Kelvin Lomibao, Vhanz Cruz, Khyz Soberano
Airing: Saturdays, 6-7pm @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: September 10, 2016
VOTY’s flagship program has a new home! This weekly show is hosted by vibrant, energetic young broadcasters who inform, inspire, involve and empower their fellow youth. Learn about youth-oriented programs and events from their guests. Learn travel tips and student life hacks that will be useful to your everyday life. And voice out your opinion with the What Do You(th) Think segment.

School of Life Radio
School Of Life Radio
Anchors: Bernz Caasi, Blasgil Tanquilut, Jennifer Rabe
Airing: Saturdays, 7-8am @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: December 10, 2016
School of Life Radio gives you your weekend dose of motivation early Saturday morning. Learn about the different subjects of life – career, health, business, relationships, and many more – with the featured guests of the show. Learn how to face and overcome trials with its “Shift” segment. Be motivated and empowered to start and grow your business with its “Entrepradio” segment.

Radyo Kabataan
Anchors: DJ Denn Epic and DJ Laine Terrific
Airing: Saturdays, 9-10am @ DZXL 558AM
First Episode: April 2, 2016
Radyo Kabataan
Radyo Kabataan exemplifies VOTY’s mission to inform, inspire, involve and empower through its segments. “Good News Kabataan” brings positive news for young people. “Ikaw Na” features youth leaders and young achievers to share their inspiring stories of achievement and success. “Tara Kabataan” is all about upcoming programs and events that young people can participate in, both here and abroad! “Galawang Kabataan” shares life hacks that are definitely for the youth.

Paaralan ng Buhay
Paaralan Ng Buhay
Anchors: David Chaingan, Ada Cuaresma, Angeli Britanico
Airing: Saturdays, 11am-12nn @ DZXL 558AM
First Episode: April 16, 2016
In the school of life, the world is your classroom. Paaralan ng Buhay gives you your weekly dose of inspiration, motivation and empowerment. Authors, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and many other achievers drop by the class as life mentors to share their valuable time, talent and experience. Our “classmates” will definitely learn several life lessons such as leadership, success, financial literacy, living with purpose, teamwork, and many more.

The Microphone Club Radio
The Microphone Club Radio
Anchors: Moxx de Vera, JC Garcia, Ann QuiogueAiring: Saturdays, 10-11am @ DZRJ 810AM / 8 TriMedia Cablelink Channel 7
First Episode: September 10, 2016

The Microphone Club is a network of hosts, broadcasters and voiceovers dedicated to standardize and professionalize the voiceover and hosting industry. This radio program became their venue to connect with individuals and organizations that support their professional career.
School of Life Radio
School Of Life Radio
Anchors: Ada Cuaresma, David Chaingan, Gerald Galang
Airing: Sundays, 8:30-10pm @ DZIQ 990AM
First Episode: July 19, 2016
“Your Sunday inspiration for your Monday motivation.” This first edition of School of Life Radio featured various segments that all aim to inspire, motivate and empower Filipinos, especially the young professionals. The show kicks off with “Status Quote,” with an inspirational quotation discussed to better give you a sense of purpose and direction. There’s also the “Wealth Builder” segment, where the subject of financial literacy and business is discussed. The “Motivated Employee” segment gives life hacks and tips to those who are in the corporate world.

Generation Y and Z Radio
Generation Y and Z Radio
Anchors: Andrew San Fernando, Elaine Apit, Denn Paule, Karla Relis, Nikko Paciben
Airing: Saturdays, 8-10pm @ DZIQ 990AM
First Episode: July 18, 2016
The Saturday night life on radio! This 2-hour program is hosted by vibrant, energetic and dynamic millennials who bring fun, laughter and good vibes on air. With segments that are not only entertaining but also motivating, Generation Y and Z radio is definitely the program for every millennial.

Radyo Kabataan
Radyo Kabataan
Anchors: Andrew San Fernando, Irish Salinas and Elaine Apit
Airing: Saturdays, 2-3pm @ DZAR 1026AM
First Episode: October 11, 2014
This first edition of Radyo Kabataan aired on Sonshine Radio 1026AM. It was hosted by Communication students who were actively involved in their respective school’s events and activities. The program featured various college and university organizations to promote and share their advocacy, programs and upcoming events.

Kabataan On Air
Kabataan On Air
Anchors: Rhyan Malandog, Eunice Valebia, Dominic Bolo, Joshua Bilolo, Ynah Quirante, Mico Gracilla
Airing: Sunday, 11am-12nn @ DWDD 1134 kHZ
First Episode: October 5, 2014
Kabataan On Air is a straightforward, no-holds-barred weekly radio program that aims to address issues concerning the Filipino youth. Topics in the area of politics, education, culture, and many others are discussed with guests and student panelists who voice out their views. Poll questions are also done in social media to truly pave the way for the voice of the youth to be heard.

Youth Power Radio
Youth Power Radio
Anchors: Andrew San Fernando, Ada Cuaresma, Duane Umali, Karla Relis
Airing: Saturdays, 10:30am – 12:00nn @ DZME 1530 kHz
First Episode: August 2, 2014
Youth Power Radio is a weekly radio program aimed at empowering college students, especially those taking up Journalism, Broadcasting and Communication courses. The program gives students the opportunity to show off their skills and talents, as well as practice their field of study in the actual world of broadcasting.

Voice of the Children Radio
Voice Of The Children
Anchors: Patrick Gabriel Gonzales, Neil Caronan, Jonnel Tupas
Airing: Sundays, 10-11am @ DWDD 1134 kHz
First Episode: July 22, 2014
Voice of the Children is a fun program hosted by the country’s youngest broadcaster, Patrick Gabriel Gonzales, son of the VoiceMaster. Children nowadays tend to be apathetic that is why this show was created to inspire and empower the children. Storytelling, science, exciting outdoor activities and tips for kids are just some of the many topics discussed in the show.

Voice of the Teachers Radio
Voice Of The Teachers Radio
Anchors: Doc Rey Samson, Bobby Ancheta, Gerald Galang, Fe Lustanas
Airing: Sundays, 1-2pm @ DWDD 1134 kHz
First Episode: April 13, 2014
Voice of the Teachers Radio isthe only teacher-oriented radio program in the country. It seeks to help teachers – both teachers and student teachers – to have their opinions and voices be heard regarding the issues that come-up in the educational sector.

Tinig Kabataan
Tinig Kabataan
Anchors: Andrew San Fernando, Mico Buay, Ara Gonzales, Jonnel Tupas, Neil Caronan
Airing: Sundays, 12nn-1pm @ DWDD 1134 kHz
First Episode: January 19, 2014
Tinig Kabataan is a youth-oriented radio program that seeks to develop positive change and positive awareness to all the youth. It seeks to give information, inspire, involve and empower the Filipino Youth Worldwide. It features segments which are light and humorous, but definitely inspiring and empowering to the youth – Top 10 (interesting stuff or trivia), Crush ni Kabataan (pre-lovelife tips and advice), Hilig ng Kabataan (trending topics).

Lakas Kabataan, Tinig Kabataan: Recharged!
Lakas Kabataan, Tinig Kabataan
Anchors: Emsie Reyes, Christine Miranda and Pocholo Gonzales
Airing: Saturdays, 12nn-1pm @ DZME 1530 kHz
First Episode: July 31, 2004
Lakas Kabataan, Tinig Kabataan: Recharged was VOTY’s first radio program that was done in partnership with DZME. The program was an invigorating addition to AM radio, as young, vibrant broadcasters’ voices blast through the airwaves for an intelligent, informative and fun radio show. With segments like “Voice Out,” “Bilib Kami Sayo,” and “Join Ka Dito,” the program is truly an embodiment of VOTY’s principles of informing, inspiring, involving and empowering the Filipino Youth.

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