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7 Feb 2014

International Youth Leaders Summit 2014

With the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN slowly transitioning into becoming a more united region for Asians, the various member states of ASEAN are put into a challenge. The call to become more responsible student leaders who are one in the call for ONE ASEAN Community is becoming stronger and as students of the social sciences and the humanities, we cannot lag behind.

In the Philippine setting, we must admit that we are in need to fully integrate with the entire ASEAN region comprising of its ten member states namely: Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma. These ten member states have done much effort to try and unify the region with things like the ASEAN Charter being ratified in order to create a set of rules that would help them achieve their vision of “One Vision, One Identity, One Community.”

Together with the signing of the ASEAN Charter is the introduction of the AEC or the ASEAN Economic Community on 2015. It aims to facilitate the free movement of goods, services, investments and labor within the region. By doing so, we are creating a massive change in the lives of many who are members of the Southeast Asian region.

De La Salle University is one with the entire ASEAN region, as an academic institution, in moving towards a more unified community. With one of the university’s thrusts of internationalization, De La Salle University aims to become a world-class institution whose doors are open to the members of the ASEAN Community. This February 2014, De La Salle University is having its Vision-Mission Statement Week Celebration, an institutionalized event that allows the university to showcase Filipino culture and tradition including its academic nature to everyone, including students abroad.

Through this, De La Salle University’s thrust and its University Vision-Mission Statement Week Celebration is crucial for the country’s efforts to promote that ONE ASEAN. The Philippines is one with other academic institutions in making this possible. Because of this, we are presenting the International Youth Leaders Summit or IYLS to serve as an avenue to exchange knowledge and experiences from all across the ASEAN Region. In addition, it shall serve as a cross-cultural territory where in student leaders are allowed to be exposed in various cultures and traditions and make sure that they enjoy their stay in the Philippines.

Objectives of IYLS 2014:
1.      To challenge student leaders to think and act differently on issues towards the ASEAN and begin to think outside the borders of their countries own personal and political interests’
2.      To provide new opportunities for students to garner new knowledge and information on how to strengthen their leadership skills that may be used in the future within the region;
3.      To give an avenue where students can freely express their ideas and opinions on how change can be done in the ASEAN region with the use of their own degree programs;
4.      To build a healthy relationship between De La Salle University and the entire ASEAN Community so that in the future, more avenues such as IYLS2014 be made;
5.      To mold the future leaders of the ASEAN by exposing them in the true realities of the world such as the Philippines.

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