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26 Feb 2018

Call for Participants: 64th International Student Conference in Japan

International Student Conference (ISC) in Japan was founded in 1954, and works towards the same goal of its host organization: International Student Association (ISA), which aims to “contribute to achieving world peace.” During the 64th conference, which will be held this summer from August 26th to September 3rd, all delegations will discuss, learn, work together for the final forum and experience different cultures and histories.
Based on the concept “Future global leaders illuminating the path towards absolute world peace”, we will try to pursue the way to lead the world in a sustainable way as the students. The main component of the conference is a discussion with table members. In this year, there are 6 tables including Heterosexism, Game-changers Democracy and Global Order, Designer Babies, 21st Century Education, The Global Rise of Religious Violence, and Legal Foundation on Human Rights. You will choose one from these and study about it with other table members from different parts of the world, which leads to the final proposal as the youth generation. 
In addition to the academic discussion, there will be opportunities to visit around Japan. all participants will join the advanced tour in one of the five destinations (Kyushu, Okayama, Kobe, Kyoto, and Nagoya) from August 22nd to 25th, which will enable you to see and feel Japan in a first hand. Through this tour, you will learn the social problems that Japan is facing. Japanese culture experience and Tokyo study tour would also broaden your viewpoint through undergoing the new culture and comparing with your ones. Not only Japan but also other diversity of cultures you could learn and experience by staying and living together. 




  • Deeper understandings of global issues through discussions all conducted by students from all around the world
  • Making the final proposal and sharing it in public in the final forum
  • Experiencing the new culture through staying all together in Japan


  • Undergraduate/Graduate students, or those who belong to a reliable youth group.
  • Able to commit to all stages of preparation and discussion with table members.
  • Available to communicate regularly with a Table Chief and committee members until the main conference.
  • Can use English as an official language of the conference
  • Afford to pay the participation fee (32,000 JPY) and tickets to Japan (You need to prepare a receipt and send us a picture of it by April 27th.
Eligible Regions: Open for All

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