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23 May 2018

House of Representatives Bill Drafting Contest 2018

Do you have an idea that can help for the benefit of your countrymen or the motherland? Then bring it to the House of Representatives Bill Drafting 2018.

In acknowledgement that the youth has a vital role in nation building and in the name of their duty to empower and ensure that every Filipino will be represented and given the chance to participate in governance, they will be giving the Filipino youth the chance to participate in policy-making by enabling them to propose timely, well-researched, and suitable legislative measures.

Here is what you need to know about the contest:
  • Undergraduate Students who are currently enrolled in universities and colleges in the Philippines are free to participate.
  • Participants must form a team of three students from the same college or university to join. 
  • Only one bill is allowed to be proposed by each team.
  • In order to confirm and complete the registration process, the teams must attend the Introductory Seminar
    • Part 1: Introduction to Public Policy will be facilitated by the Committee Affairs Department on June 27, 2018
    • Part 2: Bill Drafting Seminar will be facilitated by the Reference and Research Bureau on June 28, 2018
  • During the events, each team should submit the requirements through the final registration link online:
    • Team Registration Form
    • Official letter from the university/college endorsing the participants as official representatives
    • Clear copy of both front and back sides of each participant's valid School ID
  • The contest will be divided into two stages
    • The preliminary round, or Bill Filing, is where the teams will submit their bill entries for evaluation. Only the 5 bill entries will be chosen to move to the final round
    • The final round is where the selected teams will be given the chance to defend their bill in front of the House of Representatives. The winning teams will be awarded with cash prizes and others.
You can pre-register here.

For more details and inquiries, please visit here.

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