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15 Jul 2021



The coronavirus and its spread have changed the way people interact with each other. Keeping social and physical distance and wearing face masks and face shields, are now the new norm. People stay at home in isolation, unable or unwilling to leave their homes and engage as a community because of the fear of being infected. Fortunately, people have found other ways to come together and connect and to ease the dullness. Others escape to media like Netflix and YouTube and any other social media outlets. However, an increasing number are jumping onto a quirky yet compelling app called TikTok, and people of all ages seem to love every second of it.

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create, promote, and react to short-form music, video, and various contents. TikTok users have been using the app to create videos of themselves dancing, acting, and exercising to audio clips and sharing them with their friends.  The concept has proved immensely popular. According to official company announcements, TikTok has over 500 million monthly users and has been downloaded from the Google Play store over 1 billion times. 

Being comfortable and safe in our homes amidst the pandemic made us complacent with our academics, particularly, Generation Z, but who says we can not have fun while learning? Who says we can no longer escape this vapidness?

Here are some Filipino Tiktok content creators we must visit and follow!


Lyqa Maravilla, RPm, also known as, Coach Lyqa is a budding Tiktok content creator who began her career as a Youtube educator that assists students in passing exams such as; the Civil Service Exam, Teacher Licensure Exam, and College Entrance Exams. She also provides useful tips for job seekers.

So, if you're seeking guidance, look no further, follow @teamlyqa!



Check out @paulivandg ‘s  account if you have an interest in technology-related content.

Content Creator Paul Ivan de Guzman has 1.8 Million followers on Tiktok. As part of the Hepmil Creators Network Philippines, he produces videos that focus on his area of expertise in recommending useful websites and applications which are believed to be helpful to students, especially in these times of pandemic where learning is done Online.



@iamkaradavid is an excellent account to follow if you're having problems using Tagalog language.

The account belongs to Kara David, a multi-award-winning Filipino journalist who is now dominating Tiktok with helpful Tagalog grammar tips. She currently reached 748.5 thousand followers on her account after posting nine videos.



@dockilimanguru is a licensed Medical doctor that can help you to know things about your health.

Winston Kilimanjaro Creones Ayachok Tiwaque is a licensed medical doctor and passed on the 2020 Physician Licensure Exam. His contents talk about health and the things you should know and consider about human health with a little touch of humor.    He has 3.3 million followers on Tiktok, showing that a lot of people are engaging, and seems to enjoy his content. Doc Kilimanguru is also a Mental Health advocate. 



Raise the flag of Morena! @aynperotagalog is a second account owned by Ayn Bernos, an entrepreneur, vlogger, and influencer that is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and tips to people who find using the English language as their medium difficult.  Apart from her account's main objective,  Ayn advocates self-development, specifically being confident in our skin's beauty. 

Talk about beauty and the brain!



Founder of Asana Yoga, a yoga and mindfulness coach, and content creator, Rix Hernandez talked about the importance of being present and practicing mindfulness. She is also the host of the show, Mindset Matters.

@rix_hernandez has now  108.7 thousand  Tiktok followers.



Do you have a lot of architectural questions? Don't worry! @sairamargarita steps in to save the day! Her 160.2 thousand Tiktok followers provided a forum for her to answer queries about architecture. She put her platform to good use by assisting aspiring, current, and graduating architecture students.



SirSicat or Angelo Sicat in real life is a University Teacher that is aiming to help his viewers and followers to become proficient and confident in using the Filipino language.

Angelo Sicat has 168.3 thousand followers. His Tiktok content talks about the Filipino language and other informative ideas that can help the viewers. Sicat talks about tips on how you can survive college and vocab bank where you can learn a lot of Filipino vocabulary.

If you want to learn about life and improve your Filipino language medium, SirSicat contents are for you!



Are you the type of person who enjoys watching parodies and comical videos? If so, the contents of @mikeybustos might be the one you are looking for out of thousands of videos on Tiktok. It will definitely suit your humor!

Mikey Bustos is a Canadian-Filipino singer, comedian, and vlogger who promotes Filipino Culture around the world through his creative parodies. With 780 thousand followers on his Tiktok account. He assured that he humorously and effectively introduced common Filipino norms, languages and values to the world. 



Do you want to enhance your voice acting skills? Worries no more! @creativoces got you. Along with 17.1 thousand followers and over 102.5 thousand likes, @creativoices offers a variety of dubbing content that explores the profound meaning of voice acting. Uploaded contents composed of dubbing, voice acting challenges, and other things related to the creator, known as “The Voicemaster” of the Philippines, Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.



You can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not everyone has the option to stay at home, but if you can, you should! Social distancing is the new normal, and Tiktok is here to help you to enjoy your stay. Be safe!



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