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30 Aug 2021

Exploring Horizons: Samantha Javier’s Youth Advocacies

source: Voice of the Youth Network Facebook Page

  "We should be able to measure the knowledge, attitude, and practices of each Filipino youth." The emerging number of youth advocates in the Philippines did not only start today. The initiative could be traced from years back and Samantha Javier, proved to be a fruit of this journey. Samantha guested last January 23 on the 28th episode of Voice of the Youth Line SSEAYP Conference 2021 in their segment, 'Bilib Kami Sa'yo', where she shared her experiences as a youth advocate and her advocacies as well. From being a Development Communication student in UP Diliman, Sam shared that taking a part in being a youth advocate did not only let her explore the advocacies in the Philippines but a larger network of youth in South East Asia.

        Taking up the responsibility to spread youth advocacy from the Philippines to the world is not quite a hard task. But to hear Sam Javier talk about how it is a very challenging yet fulfilling task makes it more encouraging to take part in the movement. Additionally, Sam is currently a teacher by profession and an entrepreneur. Both careers are hard to juggle but Sam assured that it is indeed what satisfies her, and enables her to continue spreading her advocacy through teaching.

        Samantha emphasized her advocacy— only two types of literacy. First is media and information literacy, and disaster literacy. She explained that while the two of them have different meanings and application, they both work hand in hand and could be understood under the same context. With the prevailing use and demand of the internet and social media today, she advocates the youth to be careful and to practice critical thinking when dealing with encounters online such as with news, updates, etc. The dangers around us also posed by different causes such as natural occurrences or man-made requires us to be more ready and equipped with the right information and knowledge to survive these events. Disaster literacy could actually save our lives in times of need.

        Needless to say, both being literate and knowledgeable in filtering information off social media with regards to danger or disaster is what Samantha aims for the youth to understand. This is very relevant today not only to the youth but to the majority of us Filipinos. Lastly, it is very important to have people like her to constantly remind us and are very much involved in these issues to raise awareness and campaign their advocacies for the greater good.

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