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11 Aug 2021

Youth's Voices for Today, Leader's Power for Tomorrow

Being a public servant is considered a noble act. They are committed to giving service and putting the public interest first before themselves, and April Joy Bobis is one of them; a genuine person who really wants to make a difference. 

April Joy Bobis, the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Chairperson of Barangay Sinawal in General Santos City was guested in the 40th episode of Voice of the Youth Live on April 17, 2021. She told the viewers about the various projects and programs that she conducted and her experiences doing public service amid the pandemic.

Bobis was really dedicated to her work in the community. She has a lot of projects and advocacies, especially for the youth. As a leader herself, Bobis promoted her main advocacy in her Barangay which is the Youth Leadership Organization. 

“We believe na lahat ng kabataan is a leader in their own way”, she said. Youth Leadership Organization gives opportunities to every youth officer of every Purok to become a leader and conduct projects and programs of their own. Bobis truly believes that through Youth Leader Organization, each young person would be able to enhance their confidence, willingness and volunteerism when it comes to serving the community. 

Even in the middle of a pandemic, the SK Chairperson continues to serve her constituents. She pushed the program called “Giving of Educational cash assistance” to seventy-one deserving students or “SKolar”. The chosen college students will receive four thousand pesos while high school students will receive two thousand pesos. As a way of encouraging the youth to partake in social projects and programs, those beneficiaries of cash assistance will also be a partner in every activity of Barangay Sinawal. 

Although she admitted that they have limited funds, the SK Chairperson never fails to provide educational supplies for the seven schools in Barangay Sinawal. Different supplies such as boxes of bond papers, printers, and many more can be helpful for teachers. Her team also provides assistance in the registration of students since they are prohibited to go outside. 

Bobis along with other Barangay officials take a lead for repacking and distributing the relief goods or “ayuda” and giving quarantine passes to the residents during the lockdown. She revealed that her work came from a place of concern and responsibility, especially during the initial stage of the pandemic. As the eldest child in the house, she is also responsible for taking care of the needs of the family and worries about possible health issues since she was more exposed to the outside. 

“Always prioritize yung connection ko kung paano ako makatulong sa mga kapwa ko kabataan or kahit hindi kabataan basta constituent”, she said. 

Obviously, being a public servant is not easy. They are always seen through the public eye and often receive criticism. But Bobis took this positively and took this as an advantage for improving her work as an SK Chairperson. She tends to focus on encouraging youth to become aware of society, to join in community projects, and to become a voice of youth. 

“Kung wala tayo sino na lang ang magiging boses ng kabataan. Tulong tulong po tayo, makiisa, makilahok at makisama sa lahat ng proyekto at programa sa ating komunidad.”, Ms. Bobis said. 

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