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3 Sept 2021

YOU'RE NOT ALONE: A Mental Health Advocacy

        The pandemic that started last year did not only affect people economically, socially, and physically. One major result of the sudden change in lifestyle due to the lockdowns and social distancing is the constant need for contact which unfortunately is now limited, hence, a huge jab on everyone's mental health. This caused the rise of many youth advocates for mental stability as the youth today is most sensitive to being unstable and unhealthy on those terms. The continuing phenomenon of having to stay apart makes it worse for many and this is the goal of many advocates— to help motivate mentally unstable people and to promote the importance of mental health.

        Rain Lapuz is one of these mental health advocates from this generation's youth, an able part of the community that promotes the importance and visibility of mental health, as well as those people who are struggling to maintain its stability. On her guesting in the Voice of the Youth Radio last May 1, 2021, the third year medical technology student shared that being an advocate on mental health during this trying time is more challenging than handling events and people face to face. Since mental health instability manifests in physical image and habits, it is very easy for people who are struggling to hide them behind the camera and shy away from the attention or help reaching out to them. Rain mentioned that this is one of the major challenges in being part of this movement.

        She also shared that she chose to advocate more on this subject because it is not only now that it is relevant to her and her surroundings but always, and it is very important to make it take up space in discussing pressing and concerning issues. Additionally, she pointed out that advocating mental health is also to break the stigma that mentally unstable people are only seeking attention or following a trend. Rain wanted society to understand that physical appearance could not easily predict one's mental stability.

        "Your mental health matters as much as your physical and emotional well-being." Rain left this statement to her fellow youth as a reminder to preserve your mental health the best way that you can, in order to prevent further struggles to take place. While many people are mentally agile and strong, we all have a breaking point and we are vulnerable to pain and anxieties. Saving yourself from this does not only help you to be okay in every aspect of life but also lets you maintain a safe and healthy relationship with the people around you.

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