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22 Oct 2021

Finding your Voice

By: Licerio Costuna Jr.


For Episode 37 of VOTY Live “Bilib kami sayo guest” Certified Voice artist of batch 3, Pau Castillo is invited on the VOTY Live segment last March 27, 2021.  

Pau Castillo is a Digital Marketing Strategist, a writer at the same time a Voice artist. An empowered woman who take the risk to challenge herself through a workshop in CVAP and now become a part of VGA radio and host of Success voices that aims to shows-case various people that share their own success story.

Ms. Castillo also shares that finding the power in your voice is the relevance of being a Voice artist, realizing that we have the potential in using the power of a resource that is readily available for us, which is voice.

 Believing in yourself is something that we must start before anything else. Changing how you think and set your own goals will make you into your success story. 

Since it’s Women’s Month, Ms. Pau Castillo asks how she can empower women through her voice, she simply said that through hosting in Success Voices she had the platform to inspire people and ignite certain sense in people to encourage in pursuing their best version of their self.

This episode shows us that Opportunity is always in front of us, we just need to grab it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have that 100 percent readiness, and you just need to have the courage to take that opportunity in front of you.

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