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20 Dec 2021

"Youth Leader for the Future"



 Licerio A. Costuna Jr

 John Riz Sevilla, a member of three youth organizations, SULONG SAN PABLO, SAN PABLO YOUTH LEADERS, and most recently THE UPSOCIOLOGY 
SOCIETY was invited to discuss his story in multiple youth organizations that he
 belongs to the Bilib kami sayo guest on August 21, 2021.


The San Pablo Youth Leaders Organization aims to engage, encourage, and empower every youth to participate in their community, with the highlights of this organization being to maximize the cultural and historical value of their city. Next is Sulong San Pablo, which encourages youth to participate in youth activities and is currently launching a Voter Registration program called "Tanglaw 2022," which will guide first-time voters in the upcoming 2022 election.
Lastly, The PUP sociology Society, a group organization that raised awareness and stand regarding issues in society.

Mr. Sevilla has recently been a part of the development of a Youth Program or Youth Organization called "SINAG" (Strong Institution Nurturing and Attainment Goals), which they developed after presenting at the Priest Pacific Leader Academy in Antipolo. And their goal is to reduce the number of people who are bullied.

Mr. Sevilla's greatest lesson he learned is that love encompasses not only romantic love but also love for youth and love for the country.

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