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APRIL 25, 2018 - “It is to the best interest of the youth organizations that they become registered and be accredited by the NYC. By being registered with YORP, the youth organizations will be provided with opportunities to get involved in mainstream youth development activities,” Asec. James Ventura, NYC Commissioner-at-Large.

According to the Republic Act 8044, or the Youth in Nation Building Act of 1995, the National Youth Commission is mandated to have a registry of youth organizations nationwide. With this in mind, the NYC is restating its appeal to the youth organizations to register under the Youth Organizations' Registration Program (YORP).

When registered to the YORP, the possible benefits organizations can acquire are:
  • engagement in meaningful participation in the local youth development councils and ability to advocate for financial and logistical support from the local government unit
  • widened organizational networks, partnerships and opportunities for joint project implementation
  • increased opportunities for its members to participate in capacity building programs, local and international exchange programs, fora and conferences
  • better opportunities to be nominated for Presidential awards, citations and commendations
  • experience in group work, team building activities, and enhance leadership and coordination skills that provide a better edge in job applications, among others
It should be also taken note that YORP registered organizations are required to update their records and renew their registration every three (3) years.

Once the registration and compliance of requirements are finished, the NYC will issue certificates of registration to the organizations that will serve as their passports to various opportunities provided to them,

For more information and access to the registration forms, visit the YORP website.

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