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22 Jul 2021

Top 10 Inspiring Films The Youth Must Watch

Are you looking for a film that conveys extraordinary stories that helped you become the adult you are now or better yet? Alongside my fellow film junkie Kelly Marie Moraleda, here is the list of life-changing films that we can recommend, that you can watch and will blow you away by its meaningful lessons. These films are deeply relatable and highly relevant and will leave answers to your long-term questions about life. 

Dead Poet Society (1989)
A story of a new English Teacher, Mr. Keating (played by Robin Williams), and his students who wanted to achieve their dreams. He tries to encourage his students to break free from the norm. “Carpe Diem!” means “seize the day”, the most famous quote from the film that inspired the people to live passionately, meaningfully, and with purpose. This film taught us that our words, ideas, and opinions matter, so whatever people tell us about everything that we do, still our words and ideas can change the world. 

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Another Robin Williams movie was abundant with messages and lessons in life. The story is about Will (played by Matt Damon), a genius mathematician facing
an emotional crisis and seeks help from his psychologist Dr. Sean Maguireto (played by Robin Williams). "Knowledge is good, but the result is that even at a young age that shows that the individuals give lives and your wisdom,” this quote inspires the youth and tells us not everything you need is found in books, you also have to step out in the world and learn everything from it. It also taught us how to take care of our mental health, and that the belief that we build walls as a coping mechanism is a lie. We can be vulnerable, and it's completely normal. 

The Social Network (2010)

This film can teach us that we can build and be the boss of our own company. Revolving around the story of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and how he created the well-known social networking site. The film taught us that we need to visualize our success as a result and that it is important to have others who will support us in our journey. No matter the struggles that we have in life, we just have to keep going and give our very best. Zuckerberg is a great example that shows thatage that talent and hard work could change your life even at a young age. Our ideas matter, so start pursuing your own.

The Boy Who Harnesses The Wind (2019)

A film that can teach us to be resourceful at all times. A story of a 13-year-old boy who learns how to build a windmill to save his entire village from famine. The most important lesson that the film relays to us is that we need to stay curious about everything. Never stop learning. For us to make change and be better individuals. The second is to never quit. We must believe in something that we know could improve our lives and result the also the lives of others. Keep going till you achieve it.

Booksmart (2019)

Two nerdy best friends Amy and Molly realize t
hat they have been cast aside by their classmate and decided to be desperately wild and seek a party before graduating from high school. It teaches the youth to live their best life. Getting an A+ grade isn’t everything, we need to balance our social life. You need to learn to connect with other people and you’ll realize the commonalities because people are so much more than they seem to be.

Boyhood (2014)

A new coming-of-age drama from the director Richard Linklater, the person behind the iconic Before Trilogy and the 1993's hit teen comedy 'Dazed and Confused'. Linklater planned to make a film about growing up, production began in 2002 and lasted for almost 12 years in the making. The film focuses on the main character, Mason, a six-year,-old’90s living in a suburban neighborhood while exploring his childhood life and his 12 year Journey to Adolescence in a cleverly moving narrative. Boyhood is a relevant depiction of growing up, it shows the intimate transgression of the step-by-step development of a once kid until he meets his mature self and tells the importance of fading moments, seeing how everything will evolve around us while we are growing.

KIDS (1995)

The most controversial film in the 90's, KIDS is a coming-of-age drama about teenagers and offers a brutal realism of the teenage world. AIDS, Sex, Drugs are all familiar inside the storyline then kicks off a very shocking outcome. This film is about how teenagers run into a 24 hour day roaming around New York City doing repugnant things. The Controversy behind KIDS is said to be the subject matter, AIDS specifically, which later sends panic to every parent living at the time. After 26 years, KIDS are still very alarming and relevant. It provided everyone a lesson on how teenagers should practice safe sex to exclude drugs, and remind every teenager not to waste their lives.

The Breakfast Club (1985) 

A timeless classic "The Breakfast Club '' is one of the 80's film accomplishments, initially called a masterpiece of teenage life. The film showcases one of the most memorable and inspiring characters people have ever met on the screen. The Breakfast Club started with five high school students facing detention in their school library, aware that each of them had different characteristics and mindsets. All of them started to make connections and their egos disappeared and became closest friends as time went by. Why is The Breakfast Club Important? Simple, because it portrays every teenager's feelings towards life and how they can handle their egos. Not knowing the story behind it, people get judged easily by their characteristics and this film has its moving moments to call out teenagers to think again about themselves.

Eighth Grade (2018)

Everyone will feel nostalgic with Bo Burnham's critically acclaimed debut film 'Eighth Grade' from A24. It focuses on Kayla, an eighth-grade introvert but was active in social media. ‘Eighth Grade’ is an exceptional, embarrassing, and awkward coming-of-age film but surely hits everyone right on the spot. This film gives us a spicy interpretation about adolescents growing on social media, which is a very timely concept. An overall thought of ‘Eighth Grade’ is that you don't need to change yourself for others. Social Media is a barrier to locate your inner self-confidence as a person and as a teenager, thus you need to follow your own choices and never depend on what you see, only what you want.

Mickey and the Bear (2019)

A 90-minute drama about finding independence and providing a desperate look at how a person is caught up in a situation that risks family and heartbreak. It follows Mickey, a teenager living in Anaconda, Montana, searching for her own life while having a big responsibility towards her veteran father. Mickey and the Bear introduce parents that struggle with addiction. It depicts Mickey, the adolescent daughter who is the only one left to take care of her father and never has time to understand herself. All teenagers are eager for freedom and independence, to support their dreams, and make their own decisions in life as they follow their path. 

Contributor: Kelly Marie Moraleda

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