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25 Jul 2021

The Paradigm of Love in Community Service: Llorente Fueled the Youth's Aspiration to Lead

"As a youth, we should be the first one to believe that there's still a better Philippines in the future" 

This adage from Maria Theresa Llorente is an impactful will for a positive youth movement that has the capacity to touch the hearts of her fellow youth and inspire them.

On the first day of August 2020, Theresa was featured in the Bilib Kami Sa'yo Segment of VG8 Radio. With the friendly welcome from Papa Lem and DeliKate Voice as the hosts of the program, Theresa faced the invitation with grace and confidence along with her firm advocacies.

Throughout the interview, Theresa became the image of influential modern youth. She has the ability to touch people's lives through her own hardships, achievements, and compassion as a community leader.

During her interview, she was introduced as the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Chairperson of Barangay Francisco, Tagaytay City as well as the SK Federation Secretary of the said City. She is also a Philippine Youth Ambassador of Goodwill at the 46th ship for the Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program, a Graphic Designer of Tagaytay City Health Office, and a Youth Volunteer at City Social Welfare and Development of Tagaytay. 

Prior to this, she is also an entrepreneur who owns a business called Caution PH, aside from that, she is the General Manager of AO Llorente General Construction and Elma's Garden of Tagaytay.

With these initial roles as a youth leader, the power to inform, inspire, involve, and empower fellow youth is undeniably observed. Her experiences in youth-serving organizations had molded her to be the best version of herself with the purpose to extend help in society.

Moreover, Theresa has a college degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from De La Salle University-Dasmariñas. In 2018, she was awarded as the Most Outstanding Student in the College of Liberal Arts and Communication in which according to her, the criteria of choosing awardees was not only based on the academic achievements of the students but also through the involvement and participation of candidates in the community as a devoted servant. She is also an excellence award recipient of the  Philippine Students Quill Awards.

We're all aware that community pantries that aim to feed those who are in need are a movement that arose during the pandemic. Little did we know that the same idea was already executed in Theresa's Barangay as one of her projects last year named "SKL or Share Ko Lang", the project highlights a donation drive that encourages financially able people to donate goods while those who are unfortunate are allowed to get from the provided boxes. Who would have thought that the idea that was shared on VG8 radio, will inspire a great movement after a few months?

Aside from the mentioned project of hers, it is just one of those flagship programs of Theresa's organization under the #WeStandAsOneKabataan movement in their barangay. With their three focus agendas "Kabataan para sa Kabataan", "Kabataan kasangga ng mga Frontliners”, and "Kabataan para sa masa", they formulated a total of 10 projects where some of it promotes a healthy lifestyle, children's engagement to quarantine books and mental fatigue reduction activities.

Before the program ends, Theresa addressed her final message to every youth audience. She emphasized that the youth must not get tired of helping and never get tired of seeing the goodness in the world. With the idea of maximizing the sources we have, Theresa called out to the youth that they may serve their community once or a few, and each of them should understand that they are obliged to give their hundred percent effort and their whole heart to the service.

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