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26 Aug 2021

A Youth Advocate for Climate Change


A Youth Advocate for Climate Change: Diane Devera Exconde

By Mary Joy Villamor

        Advocating for any cause or movement requires a reason and purpose— this was what Diane Devera Exconde emphasized when she guested on the May 1st, 2021 episode of Voice of the Youth Radio. Despite her young age, Diane is already involved in a lot of outside campus organizations that are beneficial to many movements in the society. Impressively, she is only a freshman at the Laguna State Polytechnic University who is majoring in BS Office Administration. Diane saw the opportunity of entering college to be a gateway to widen her network in advocating her beliefs, especially regarding the environment.

        During the episode where Diane guested, she shared her advocacies about environmental concerns, especially climate change. She pointed out that while there are larger companies, groups, infrastructures and such that contribute to climate change, we should also admit as individuals that we do activities that affect the environment just the same. Diane made it a point that hearing out and letting advocacies for the good to affect us because people like her are trying their hardest to help the society in the most possible way that they can.

        "We live because Earth lives." The young advocate left this message to her fellow youth, a statement that she hopes to be received in a positive manner and be a good influence to many. While she highlighted her environmental advocacies, Diane also did not forget to mention her personal beliefs that actually became one of her biggest motivations to stand as an advocate. Her religion, which is Christianity, helped her a lot in reflecting and realizing things that pushed her to become an instrument of the youth towards change and improvement of our society.

        Diane is also a mental health advocate and is affiliated to Mental Health Philippines.

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