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27 Aug 2021

Are You Ready to Make a Global Action?


"The big question is: Are you prepared to take global action? If so, please join us in our online community group"

An extended heartful invitation from Mr. Renan Gonzales, an 18 years old Opportunities and Partnership Head of OSYAF or also known as Online SDG Youth Action Forum.

Last January, Gonzales was a guest on "Voice of the Youth Live!" episode 26, wherein he highlighted one of his organizations, OSYAF, in a segment called "Bilib Kami Sayo!" According to Gonzales, OSYAF is an online community organization for youth leaders founded in March 2020 by Mr. Mark Jacinto, with the goal of strengthening commitment and simplifying discussions about the Sustainable Development Goals.

"When there is opportunity, there is a chance." he stated. As someone who has a lot of organizations aside from OSYAF such as Rotary Act, ANCLA, Ako Bakwit Incorporated, etc... he believes that opportunities are countless and one should make a move to do the unexpected. 

The determination and passion of Mr. Renan Gonzales to take the action makes us all believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

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