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2 Aug 2021

Fabshie's VOTY Story for 25th AnniVOICEsary

Over the past 25 years in the service of informing, inspiring, involving and empowering Filipino youth, Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY) has been recognized for its outstanding contribution in changing lives and building futures for the younger members of society. Different media personalities, radio DJ's, advocates, and leaders known today were once part or experienced working with VOTY and its founder Pocholo 'The VoiceMaster' Gonzales. It is an experience they look back to fondly, and they continue to treasure VOTY for the rest of their lives.

Jana Abejero - Bonifacio, the 'Fabulous Beshie' or ‘Fabshie’, shared her experiences when she once worked with VOTY and the VoiceMaster. Back when she was still employed as a radio DJ for DZRH – the longest running radio station in the country, Jana was appointed to host the program “Boses ng Kabataan (BNK)” in 2014. Due to this responsibility, Jana was given the opportunity to work with VOTY when BNK partnered with the organization. They launched a segment titled 'Balik Tanaw' where they featured voice artists and the VoiceMaster's students. 

On behalf of BNK, Jana was very thankful to VOTY and the VoiceMaster because of the opportunity they shared with them. "Hindi sila (VOTY) naging madamot sa talento at hinayaan ang mga kabataang natututo pa lamang na maranasan ang tunay na mundo ng mga drama sa radyo, kaya naman laking pasasalamat ng BNK sa naging ambag ng VOTY sa programa," said Jana.

Furthermore, Jana said that one thing she missed in VOTY are the face-to-face talks, wherein they interacted with their audience and their priceless reactions when they share experiences. She also stated that VOTY isn’t like any other organization for the youth because they impart significant lessons and provide opportunities for its members. One of these opportunities given to her by the VoiceMaster was the experience in public speaking. She added that the VoiceMaster is not selfish as he lets everyone speak and share.

Before Jana ended her talk, she greeted VOTY a happy 25th anniversary and wished the organization to continue to grow not only in the country, but also abroad. She also prayed for the prosperity of our brotherhood and to succeed on the path we are going through.  "Sama-sama pa rin po tayong mag inform, inspire and empower ng mga kapwa natin kabataan," Jana added.

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