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3 Aug 2021

The ART of Passion


Art is a form of love that helps us express our own perspectives as a way to impact others. It is also a drive to expand our passion by means of understanding the world beyond our horizon.

In this world filled with potential, talent comes in different forms; but for the award-winning Visual artist Jezza Mae Nunez- Fuentes, talent is not only about showcasing yourself to be seen, but rather is a way for you to impact people by means of your dedication and skills. Painting is not just a job to Jezza, for the reason that this is also her way to inspire the youth; that art is not just a piece of work that can be displayed on a wall or museum but as a way to express yourself and make a change.

Since she was a child, Jezza had always wanted to become a professional painter, in fact, she's always with her father who is also a painter in their city. According to her in a webinar interview on the Voice Of The Youth Network, she would even cut from her classes just to help her dad in an artwork commission piece to help and support their family. And by that time, she knew that painting makes her heart fonder; that's why even though she finished a degree in Bachelor of Arts in English at Mindanao State University, she still pursued her burning passion and turned this hobby into a full-time job to sustain their finances- even though a lot of people said that this work is not a very practical job in the country.

At the age of 24, Jezza received a major award and recognition from the National Commission of Culture and Arts, National Committee on Visual Arts, and got interviewed in a television show. She is the Sining-Sining Gawad Grantee of 2021 that showcases different artists from the Philippines with their advocacy to promote and appreciate the cultural heritage of the country- especially the culture of tribes and other communities. 

She's also a freelancer that teaches young Filipinos to develop their painting skills. She never stops improving herself because every day is a fresh start to gain new knowledge and inspire a lot of people. "I always have a standard, that's why practice lang ako nang practice para matuto," said Jezza. This is also the reason why she became an effective tutor to those who want to pursue painting because she believes that everyone can be good if their dedication is pure. "Just continue with what you're doing, Just stay humble and support other artists," she added.

It is true that COVID- 19 managed to turn this world upside-down, but the situation never stops her from achieving something. In fact, she still managed to do online workshops and upload content on Youtube to document and inspire the youth by means of her artworks. Ms. Jezza is the living proof that "If you can do something, you can achieve everything."

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