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23 Aug 2021

It’s Just A Virus

     “Even your small steps can also be your big steps.” This was the most striking line imparted by Bryan Dave Perez, a youth advocate, a leader, and someone who pushes for good health and wellbeing. He was the guest on the 20th episode of “Bilib Kami Sa’yo” segment in Voice of the Youth Live where he shared his experiences and stories online that captured everyone’s heart and inspired young individuals. Bryan was the Regional Scout Representative of Central Luzon last 2017-2018 and amazingly so, he also became the 3rd Deputy Speaker at Mariveles Youth Congress in the same year. 

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     During the pre-pandemic times, Bryan engaged himself in various youth activities which fostered his leadership skills and honed his ideas on youth development and empowerment. With the accolades he received, he has accomplished creating - vast resolutions, and immersed himself in making programs that address societal problems such as drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. He also integrated children with knowledge that focuses on having a myriad of information about personal hygiene as the COVID-19 proliferates. 

     Now that the world is in the midst of a global threat, Bryan still continues on empowering the youth and inspiring them to continue on what they have started. He showcased his confidence on his idea by saying “This pandemic opened the awareness of the youth where they now have the means to participate and give voices to certain causes in their surroundings.” 

Bryan also believes that despite the dreadfulness of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more keen and developed their awareness of the happenings within the country. He then added, “The pandemic will never be a hindrance to reach your dreams in life.” Indeed, the youth has always been deeply affected by the society we are in  and there are many doubts as to how one can achieve what they want in their life given the situation we are in right now. 

     His remarks are astonishing as he shared, “Go out of your comfort zones and take risks—before being accepted and being lucky.” In these trying times, this is the challenge that we are facing right now; and according to Bryan, not even a pandemic should prevent us from reaching our goals in life. Taking risks will bring us to numerous places and help develop ourselves more. It also allows us to be braver and tougher as we pave our way towards our dreams. 

     As a youth advocate, Bryan strongly believes that it is always service above self. All that we are experiencing right now, it should never hinder us from inspiring and empowering people. Just like what he said, “It is okay not to be okay but it is not okay if you lose hope and give up.”

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