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24 Aug 2021

The DNA of success

           “In order to attain knowledge, seeking for a new beginning and understanding different perspectives can lead to success.”

             As the world unravels new discoveries with the help of Science and Technology, the “Bilib Kami Sa'yo” guest, Mia Gratil, also navigates her dreams to pursue medicine by challenging herself to understand Science, and how it affects the world. During her webinar interview on Voice Of The Youth (VOTY) Network last November 28, 2020, Mia expound how she became the External Affairs Officer of 'Atom Pinoy', and how it really affected her perception in understanding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. As a senior high "Health Allied" student at University of Santo Tomas (UST), Mia showcased her knowledge and love for Science by joining different organizations like UST SHS Future Scientist Club, where she is the President. One big reason as to why she joins different groups is to inspire and share with the Filipino youth that Science plays a vital role in improving lif e because of possible new ideas that might help sustain the production of knowledge and quality of living within the community.

           Ever since she was a child, Mia enjoyed participating in Science-related competitions; and receiving awards related to Science opens her mind and further motivates her to be a part of the medical field in the future. When 'Atom Pinoy' was established, she was hesitant and full of doubts to join due to the pressure of studies and other life problems but later on, she realized that this platform can be a stepping stone to expand her horizon to inspire the youth That is why she ended up accepting the invitation despite difficult circumstances.

          "I know that there's still in me that loves Science." Mia said.

           As the interview reaches its endpoint, it can clearly be seen through her eyes that she is truly in love with Science. It is also a good thing that she is part of  'Atom Pinoy' as she holds the same vision with the organization that promotes science communication, and uplifts the awareness of the Filipino people by introducing Science to the world.

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