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7 Aug 2021

Know More About VOTY w/ Ms. Kirsten Rose Concon

"Your voice can make a difference."

A remarkable and emotional message from Ms. Kirsten Rose Concon, a law student from CorJesu College. She joined the Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY) back in 2014 when Mr. Pocholo Gonzales gave a talk in their school. 

Ms. Kirsten Rose Concon said that one of her greatest memories of VOTY was when they were invited to cover a foreign event in Gensan, and behind them was one of South Korea's largest networks. Aside from that, she was thrilled to have an all-access pass, provided by VOTY, each time an event was held. She also mentioned that one of the amazing perks of being involved with VOTY is that you get to experience not just the radio scene, but also the field aspect of being in media. 

"I was able to use my voice to reach the public."

Ms. Kirsten Rose Concon attributes the improvement in her communication skills and her transformation from being shy in school to confidently voicing out what she wants to say to her time with VOTY.

"To VOTY especially to Mr. Pocholo Gonzales, thank you for establishing VOTY and I'm grateful that you have inspired a lot, especially youth like me, to express our voice and to show our talents. I hope and pray that VOTY will continue to grow and to spread good vibes. To its members, you made a great decision by joining VOTY because you will be learning a lot, and don't forget to have fun!" In line with the upcoming  25th anniversary of Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY) let us all remember that even a single voice can become powerful; speech has power, and the change begins only when you speak.

Informed, Inspired, Involved and Empowered. VOTY- Voice of the Youth Network!

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