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5 Aug 2021

VOTY: Mr. Ems Reyes' Story


Sounds good, sounds great!
'coz Voice of The Youth is now on the twenty-fifth! 

Not your ability but your availability, that's how the Voice Of The Youth (VOTY) Network ran this far. Youth all over the country are still informed, inspired, involved, and empowered by this organization. Not just gaining friends but building happy relationships with other young people in the Philippines. 
Want to change the world? Step up and change your thoughts. Stand up and walk this path because, VOTY is coming your way. 

Ems Reyes has been a member of the VOTY Network since 2004. He currently works as an implementation analyst in a multinational financial technology company. When he discovered the VOTY Network, he was a broadcaster and a writer for Radyo Uno. At the time he was looking for a youth organization or an individual that could be a part of a segment in the company that he was working for named, “Tinig Kabataan”. That was when he met Mr. Pocholo Gonzales, the one and only VoiceMaster of the Philippines. Mr. Pocholo, the founder of VOTY, helps the youth toughen up and encourages them to pursue their dreams no matter the challenge. Many a youth have built their talents, skills, and have had life changing experiences because of Mr. Pocholo. One such individual being Mr. Ems Reyes. 

No matter how hard life is, how we tell ourselves that we can't. Always believe in what we have and be open to developing it with the help and guidance of others. We can change the world if we believe that we can. The most important thing that Mr. Ems said about his time in VOTY, "Bonding, like bonding individuals or mga kabataan na kagaya natin na talaga namang, you know, would like to create a change sa ating society". Trust in yourself, you can make it! 

Everything happens for a reason just like how Mr. Ems met Mr. Pocholo and that reason is to help each other through sharing one’s strength and build a larger community of good people. 

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