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23 Sept 2021

“A New Hero of This Generation”

by:Cyrelle Marie Notario

Leading this Generation of Youth was never an easy Job especially now that our Nation is facing A Crisis due to this Pandemic. That is why we consider those Young Leaders who stand brave enough to lead this Generation as a New Hero of this Generation because they continue to serve despite this Pandemic.

Last October 10, 2020, Voice of the Youth Network introduced to us a Leader who is Brave enough to conquer and champion the struggles and difficulties that a Youth Leader is Facing nowadays during this time of Pandemic. They Introduce to us the SK Chairperson of Longos, Malolos Bulacan none other than Ms. Miel Artha Agustin in their segment “Bilib Kami Sayo”

She was a Secretary of Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Malolos and also an Outstanding Servant Leader of Bulacan State University in Year 2018, She was also a nominee for Gintong Kabataan Category and now works as An SK Chairperson of Longos. 

With all her achievements we can truly say that she was such a Great and Amazing Leader and She did his Job well enough. She shared with us on the show about the projects that they've accomplished during the Pandemic.

On the First Wave of the Pandemic, they Provide Alcohol and Handwashing soap for the Frontliners and Families of Longos, On the Second Wave, they thought about the Solo Parents on their Barangay who has a baby to feed that is why they provide Fortified Milk for Every Single Parent who has a Baby to be fed and as the Pandemic continue they also continue serving their people in as best as they can because now they consider the very need of their people and that is Food so they come up with the idea of providing breakfast for their ka-Barangay.

 They called this Project “Agahan Caravan”. It runs for a month wherein they (The SK Council) personally prepare the food and distribute it to the people. What an Amazing Project! And for the students of Longos, they provided 300 pieces of a tool kit for online and modular classes.


Despite all these SK Chairperson Miel Artha has faced many difficulties in her leadership because true enough that being a Leader or a Youth Leader was never an easy job and one of the major problems that she faced in her leadership is her Gender being a part of the LGBT community because some Youth in Longos has different views when it comes to Gender Equality, some of them doubt and question their Right and their Ability to lead.

And as SK Miel Artha share on the show, some doesn't support their projects because of the same issue but even though it is hard for them they continue to do their best to serve the Youth of their Barangay as she says “We cannot please everybody” and that is indeed true and that was an act of Bravery.

But given the fact that she needs to face all this, it gives her more strength and motivation to fight for her advocacy. As an LGBT Rights Advocate, she does her best to take on her part in fighting for equal rights because she believes that all of us whatever gender we have we are able and capable to do things that would benefit us, others, and especially our Nation.

SK Miel Artha only proves to us that in Leadership, it is not about Gender but it is the ability, wisdom, passion, and the Heart to lead that makes Leadership a Successful One. 

We Salute you SK Chairperson Miel Artha for standing up for this Generation and fighting for their rights especially for our Fellow Youth who is a part of the LGBT Community,

you are Truly A New Hero of this Generation!

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