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8 Sept 2021

CEO: Knowing Your Self is the Key

By: Cyrelle Marie Notario

“Konichiwa.” A joyous greeting from Mr. Juveriel Casanova Depay Tenio, the guest of Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Live’s episode 3 of season 2 Bilib Kami Sa ‘yo segment. He is a youth leader serving as the secretary and co-founder of Creative Entrepreneurs Organization. 

Mr. ViBryant Voice asks Mr. Tenio to introduce his self furthermore. The guest shared that he was used to be called “Yan-Yan” but he prefers to be called “Juvs” from his first name Juveriel. He also boasted that he was once an exchange student who was given the chance to travel to Japan through Asian Cultural Exchange Program from 2019 to 2020 before the pandemic arises. Currently, he is an advocate of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations specifically Active Citizenship and Social Entrepreneurship. A senior high school student taking Accountancy and Business Management. 

To give the audience a background about the CEO, Mr. Liam requested Mr/ Tenio to lay a little preview of what and how is Creative Entrepreneurs Organization functioning in the community. The guest presented CEO as a Youth Serving Organization and a Research Institute-based Organization that encourages the youth to be active in the society through doing social entrepreneurship in the way starting on social problems and many other more. 

Mr. Tenio presented his slides about Cultural & Sustainability in route to Social Entrepreneurship. He gave the audience an easy passport to Japan through a short video about the country. After showing the video presentation, he then asks what’s comes to people’s minds when they hear about Japan. Mr. Liam answered that Japan emphasizes their uniqueness through their culture and way of life through their clothing, food, and many other things which Mr. Tenio agreed upon. 

The guest presented things he saw in Japan that he what to apply to our country. First is the Vendo Machines that are easily be accessed and can be found anywhere. Other is the Drinking Fountains and the better Waste Disposal of Japan. They politely clean their garbage before disposing or recycling it. Lastly is the transportation that is so timely, punctual and organized that is clearly distinguishable from the Philippines’ transportation system. 

Mr. Tenio explains what and how to solve Social Problems that cause Social dilemmas because businesses fell short on social value and social impact. He listed the kinds of social problems sourced from the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, namely, corruption, terrorism, prostitution, poverty, child labor, overpopulation, unemployment, lack of health care. Mr. Tenio then proudly spoke about the CEO and its method for the resolution of this social problem which is the Gold Mining Approach and Method. Prospecting/Surveying. The method starts with reaching out to the subject, then breaking the barrier separating the subject from the society and bringing them back to it. They are then dressed for the occasion, this means that they are nurtured and be made into a creature whose worth is more than gold. 

For the end part of the segment, Mr. Tenio was asked by Mr. Liam the question “what is your greatest why, reason, inspiration, that keeps you motivated in doing the thing you are passionate about?” The guest answered, define the social problems to identify the reason why you are contributing to the resolution of those social problems. 

“Lahat tayo may pagkakataon na pwedeng maging isang social entrepreneur basta alam lang po natin or alam po natin kung paano natin idi-discover po ang self natin.” Quoted from Mr. Juveriel Tenio as his message to his fellow youth who are also into social entrepreneurship and those who wanted to be involved.

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