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6 Sept 2021

ASEAN Network Youth: Established by a Young Leader


                                                      KRISTIANA MARIE GUISADIO

By:Mary Joy Villamor

                   Establishing an organization that concerns a lot of issues and more importantly is affiliated to a bigger body itself is a big shot to a bigger advocacy. However, a lot of our youth today has been stepping up the game in leadership and initiative in establishing such, despite the crisis the world is facing today. A lot of reasons caused the youth to do such things and it is very impressive to see that they do it out of their own will and sensibility. This is also one proof that the youth is improving their leadership more and more through the years and this sheds light to more hope for the future.

        The Voice of the Youth Radio guested another youth leader on their episode with Papa Lem and DeliKate Voice. A biology student in Mindanao State University was invited to talk about the ASEAN Network Youth in which she is a secretary. Kristiana Marie Guisadio is one of the establishing officers of the said organization whose main objective is to work as one with the ASEAN itself and to branch out the purposes of it. She broke down the slow process of the bringing up of ANY, along with other youth leaders that initiated the act to the success of its establishment and therefore having great connections with different ambassadors from ASEAN countries.

        Kristiana is still a very young leader but one could see the passion and willingness in her when she talks about her organization. It is proud to see young teens like her achieve so much in works for the greater good and aiming for a lot of improvement in the youth community of today. She mentioned that the ASEAN Network Youth wants to bring out the best in the youth of ASEAN countries and empower them to the best of their abilities. Lastly, she added that despite the pandemic, we can still utilize our time in a much meaningful way.



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